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Back Burner

I hope you’ve been reflecting;
and growing and expanding.

I see you’re still writing.
I hear your phantom typing.

I always loved your passion, but
it often took my place.

Lonely me held down by you.
Lonely me always judged by you.

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As Feathers

Your lips are soft as a feather.
They flutter over my skin.
I don’t know how you do it-
make me fall in.

My arms wrap around your shoulders;
Draw you down to me.
I hope you’re drawn to me.

You rest your head on my shoulder.
For once, I am strong.
I can bear us both.

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In silence
your words reverberate off me
and drift back to you soaked in
What ever got into your soul?
Mine reflects with blinding light.

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Storm Clouds

I told you it felt like something was broken inside my brain;
you only did things to make it further rain.

–asking for help

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Wide Eyed

You stole my voice when you stole my soul.

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Second Chances

People come in and out of our lives all the time for a plethora of different reasons ranging from a lesson to a short word of advice or from a relationship to a random act of kindness. And then there are those  who markedly make an entrance or exit, and you know you’re experiencing something magical and almost fateful; if you’re one who believes in that. As a hopeless romantic, I definitely believe. And if it’s one thing I’ve learned from this it’s that those are the ones who leave you changed.

Sometimes all you have in life with someone is the time allotted and you don’t have second chances or do overs. That’s the importance of living in the moment and savoring the company of those around you while it’s available. We, as humans, are ever evolving, ever changing beings. Who we are today may not necessarily be who we are tomorrow. It is inevitable and unpredictable, but how wonderful to look back and not recognize that person you were.

A boy came into my life several months ago and I felt such deep bliss with him, but let fear restrain me from going deeper. Now, I realize that was love. Now, we struggle to find ways and a time to connect. I have reconciled with myself, more honestly I am in the process of reconciling with myself, that we may never get that second chance. That I must cherish whatever it was that we had no matter how brief a time. It was poignant and profound and it sparkled. Those memories are so valuable now in light of how everything has transpired. They will always be tinted yellow; bright.

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If I could carve out the parts of me that you find desirable,
I wouldn’t hesitate.
I’d take the bait.

If I could carve away this flesh ‘till bone
Would you still want me?
Still find me beautiful?

If I could carve away the ravished zones of my body,
lay rest to what was unwanted;
I would.

If I could carve away the part of me that considers others before myself,
my self-sacrificial tendencies would be decimated.
Myself: whole.